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    • Variable Fulfillment Fee

      Noble eliminates completely all costs associated with accepting credit and debit cards by charging customers a small Variable Fulfillment Fee. Prior to the completion of the sale, our billing platform identifies the type of card your customer intends to use to pay, and sets the Variable Fulfillment Fee accordingly. Our patent-pending technology intuitively recommends less expensive payment methods, reducing the Variable Fulfillment Fee when customers elect to use lower-cost cards. This improves their satisfaction and drives more business to you.

    • Instant Discounts

      This program gives customers the opportunity to accept a discount by electing to use a lower-cost card prior to the completion of the sale. For the first time, you can offer rewards programs or discounts without reducing your profit margins: the instant discount is funded by the difference between the cost of processing the original, more expensive card and the lower-cost card that, with the right incentive, your customer ultimately chooses.

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